Bobby Wolff

A favourite letter to Bobby – posted by Judy Kay-Wolff

While trying to organize a comprehensive file of all the personal notes and emails Bobby received since the release of The Lone Wolff, I happened upon one sent a while ago which just resurfaced and was so sincere, I wanted to share it with you.   It was written by Donna (Mrs. Neil) Chambers.   

The note began — With Sincere Appreciation 
…………………….  for your relentless, and obviously difficult, dedication to preserve the integrity, quality and enjoyment of the game.   I had no idea!  And, I couldn’t agree more with your ideas and principles.

Loved your style of writing.   It mattered not that I didn’t know all of the characters.

I laughed and cried and frequently "clucked" in disgust.   Congratulations.  I thank you and wish you and Judy all the best!

(signed) Donna

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