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Larry Cohen’s newest book “My Favorite 52” is definitely worth reading!  Larry sets the style, like Jiminy Cricket in Pinocchio, where the reader virtually plays the role of kibitzer, but has the added dimension of having Larry’s voice in your ear acting as a cross between your conscience and your high-level bridge advisor.

Hand after hand (and every one is a treasure) takes the reader through the thought process of adjusting to the unfolding facts and making key decisions whether it be declarer’s play, partnership bidding or top level defense.  Through it all, and I can assure you Larry is a very thorough bridge thinker, he doesn’t relax in his updating the reader on what direction to take to assure success, or, at least not to make a costly mistake.

The hands themselves lend themselves to what one would expect in tales of his favorite 52 hands of all time.  Although 52 sounds like a lot, when one considers all the hands an inveterate bridge player would tackle over 25 or 30 years, the conclusion is that each one of them is very special and worth your undivided attention.  The best part is that Larry has found a way for the reader to experience what other expert players already know, the emotion of mostly playing or defending, but sometimes even bidding, causing the man on the spot much angst, but well worth it, when the player realizes that he did his best. 

This book represents what Larry has always stood for, the best that bridge has to offer.

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Linda LeeNovember 25th, 2009 at 7:35 am

I had the privilege of working on My Favorite 52. I found that reading about many of those deals made me think about playing or bidding (or defending) in a different way than I had before. The deals were all fascinating. I really hope that Larry has another 52 for all of us to read.

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